Friday, September 5, 2008

The Family of Caylee Anthony

I am not actually sure what is making me write this blog. It's not actually one reason there are so many reasons I feel I need to write. I am only writing my opinions and feelings, so if you don't agree thats fine. But please know that, I will not tolerate any slander remarks to be posted anout anyone in the Anthony family. That is being done enough in the media!
I feel like we are all losing sight of the real problem................That a three year old child is missing!! I am not making any excuses for anyone, nor am I condoning any actions that may have led to the disappearance or worse the death of Caylee. I just think we should all focus on finding this beautiful little girl, and let the justice system handle the legal aspects of the case. After all we live in America where we are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, right? Sure the evidence thus far looks a matter of fact it looks really bad for Casey, but look at Michael Jackson, and OJ. We all just knew Michael was touching those kids, and that Oj killed Nicole but the justice system as well as a jury, and evidence proved wrong. I am sure some people may be angry with me for writing things here, and that's fine. I have already explained that I am writing what I FEEL , and what I THINK. This is a public blog. You do not have to agree with everything that I am saying, and I am open to criticism, and comments. I don't mind using this as a place to vent. Like I said before, we are not all going to agree, on everything but that is life. That being said, I hope you enjoy reading and come back often, to check for updates.
Like most of the United States and almost all of Central Florida, I too have been consumed by the case of Caylee Anthony. From the first time I saw this beautiful girl on tv, she captured my heart. She is just, too cute for words. She has the biggest most beautiful eyes, and when you see her smile....even the big Manly man's heart will melt. I watched the news day after day hopuing for a break......and then her mother was arrested on child neglect charges, and for telling lies to a police officer.
As most of the world already knows, Caylee Anthony has been missing for almost 3 months. That's right 3 months!! Her mother Casey Anthony waited a month to report her missing. As I type this I am listening to the news. Casey the 22 year old mother of Caylee, is scheduled to be released from jail this morning on charges not related to her missing daughter. Since she was initially arrested back in July, she has not said much about what happened to Caylee.....There haev been hundreds of rumors and speculation about what happened. She left Caylee in a car, she drugged her, she sold her, buried her in a dumpster, you name it and I am sure someone has already thought about it. There have even been questions about Caylee's father, and just like the speculation and rumors about her disappearance some of the comments made so far have been absurd. I have seen posts saying that her father is really her grandfather, her uncle, a police officer, her ex boyfriend, a one night stand. Honestly people does it matter who he is? He hasn't been around at all even before this. As for the protesting outside the Anthony home... my question is this.......what difference is it if you spend all day in front of their house? Instead why not do something positive and try and help out in the search for Caylee. As for all of the protesters that have questioned why Casey hasn't been looking for Caylee, with the other searchers. Here is something to think about...........she can't even walk from her driveway to her front door with out someone screaming "baby killer," so how safe would that be? She would be murdered on the spot. I would be surprised if her family didn't move after this just because ofthreats. You see we all make mistakes some more than others. Some go unnoticed, and some continue to make mistakes and make bad choices. In this case it seems the latter. I had the brief opportunity to meet the Anthony family at a prayer service in Saint Cloud. I know alot of people believe that the family knows something.......but I would like to think different. You see they are no different than any of us. It just so happens that their business happens to be all over the internet. I don't know how many of you have lost a child...............I have! And in all honesty there is no greater pain, and there is no way to fake that type of hurt. It feels like the world is closing in on you, and you have no where to go, noone understands that pain unless they themselves have been through it. So my point is this, the entire Anthony family is going through something that should be private. They are hurting not only because of Caylee, but Casey as well. So please the next time you feel like judging someone, or pointing a finger think what it must feel like to be under the same scrutiny as they are. We all have skeletons, and they all come out in the end. We can all say what we would do but unless you are put in the have no idea how you react. Like I said in the beginning I know I will probably get a lot of crap over this blog, but it doesn't matter. What matters is finding Caylee. (AGAIN I AM NOT CONDONING ANY ACTIONS OF ANYONE, I AM JUST TRYING TO MAKE PEOPLE REALIZE THAT THIS FAMILY HAS ENOUGH TO DEAL THEY DON'T NEED OUTSIDERS TALKING, OR JUDGING THEM, AND LIKE I SAID BEFORE......BEFORE YOU POINT FINGERS, OR ACCUSE CASEY OF SOMETHING....THINK ABOUT WHAT SHE MAY BE GOING THROUGH, BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT SOMEONE ELSE IS GOING THROUGH.....AND THEY HAVE SOME SHOES THAT NONE OF YOU WOULD EVER WANT TO WALK A MILE IN!!!!